With BGUE O&M, better decisions yield better performance.

With BGUE O&M, better decisions yield better performance.

Selecting the right operations and maintenance provider for your solar PV assets is one of the most important decisions impacting the projected returns for your project. BGUE O&M has the technical expertise, gained from decades in the solar industry to help you optimize your system performance and achieve your financial goals. At every step of the way — whether it’s inspecting, troubleshooting, maintaining, or repairing your assets — we help you make better decisions that protect your investment for the long-term.


Industry-Leading O&M Expertise

BGUE O&M operates as an independent business to optimize and maintain your solar assets— no matter who installed them. With a team having a combined experience of overseeing over 1 GW of solar plants globally, we provide boots on the ground and draw on a deep bench of BGUE engineers and technical experts to deliver comprehensive solar maintenance and operations service to asset owners nationwide.