Testing and inspection form an important part of the raft of services that BGE provide, to ensure that the parks in our care produce energy safely and efficiently. Our electrical testing and module thermography is completed to BS:62446 standards.

Our IV curve testing and flash testing determine how well each module is working and where the weaker areas in the panels lie. These results are then used by our maintenance team to rectify any issues more efficiently.

Our monthly fault analysis reports will give a thorough breakdown of these tests and will detail the types of faults that are typical on your particular site and what can be done to minimise damages and optimise efficiency.

This fault analysis looks at the source of the problem, rather than simply correcting the symptoms meaning that once repaired, you can be sure the problem will not occur again.

Thorough Testing Reduces Downtime And Improves Efficiency.

Customized maintenance plans cover all plant characteristics, owner requirements and manufacturer standards to keep your operation routinely tested from module to meter, leveraging the industry’s most sophisticated tools.

We are regularly called in for advanced electrical testing when a challenge has others scratching their heads. And we’ll even handle all of the security, compliance and contractual obligations, in addition to routine inspections, cleaning and grounds maintenance.

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