When you own or invest in a solar PV plant or farm, you need professional solar asset management to ensure the best performance from your systems. Solar management like this differs from typical financial asset management because you are handling physical equipment that depends on technical components to perform at its best.

Our asset management services enhance our operations, maintenance, and performance engineering services to offer a comprehensive and dependable asset care package.

Energy availability guarantee that ensures a predictable revenue stream

The Differences Between O&M and Asset Management

Many first-time solar system owners confuse the difference between operations and maintenance with asset management. The two services do connect to each other, but they cover separate parts of the solar management process. Solar O&M involves the technical support your system needs to generate energy in compliance with warranties and applicable codes. We put preventive maintenance plans and annual cleanings in place to ensure the performance of the solar equipment on the property.

There’s much more to solar power than developing and installation. Our solar maintenance ensures the lasting productivity of your solar energy systems.

Solar asset management involves all the ongoing functions that fall under billing and reporting, invoices and fund distributions, tax filing, service crew calls, and ongoing monitoring. In short, O&M guarantees the energy performance of your solar system, while solar asset management ensures the optimal financial performance of your solar portfolio.

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