High-Quality Solar Maintenance Makes the Difference

You might be wondering why your business should even worry about solar maintenance. One of the reasons solar energy makes such a good investment is because it seems like once it’s installed and operational, maintenance needs are minimal. However, the truth is to get the most out of your solar energy system, you need a partner who will be there to support your system after the solar panel installation.

Solar panels are constructed to withstand nearly all harsh weather conditions year-round. Typically, once your panels are in position, they’ve been designed not to move, which cuts down on the possibility of mechanical failure. Most issues affecting solar panel systems are related to the production of electricity and the pieces of equipment that convert your solar energy.

This is why solar services like preventative maintenance and system monitoring are essential. Often, paying attention to energy production is the only way to spot an issue with your solar system. At BGUE, we’ve made a commitment helping those who create power from sustainable, clean sources of energy. Maintenance and monitoring play a significant role in following through on this commitment.

Solar maintenance is more
than just checking the
panel current

Every solar project and business is different. This is why we optimize an asset management plan for the particular needs of every client. Solar panel cleaning is an important part of maintaining the performance of your systems, but it is not where our efforts end. Our solar operations and maintenance (O&M) services include:

  • PV system inspections
  • Robotic panel cleaning
  • Thermal imaging
  • Performance analysis
  • Preventative maintenance
  • PV system monitoring
  • Electrical testing
  • Warranty enforcement

  • Your solar panels and support equipment come with warranties from the manufacturer. Most solar energy systems have a life cycle spanning multiple decades. If your equipment fails and requires solar panel maintenance or other repairs, BGUE will be there to manage the warranty and manufacturer on your behalf.

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