As your O&M partner, BGUE provides accurate energy forecasting, optimal scheduling, and strict preventive maintenance. Our operations team has the expertise, technology, and processes to ensure compliance and maximize the performance of solar assets.

Our market-leading Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors the energy production for all managed sites, to optimize plant performance and maximize system output and revenue generation. Our performance analytics staff are continuously engineering new methods to optimize energy production and increase investment returns.

With our operations services, plant functions are continuously monitored
by experts at our operations center

Intelligent real-time plant monitoring and periodic performance reporting allows our O&M teams to deliver the most important data to plant owners. This allows us to respond quickly to corrective maintenance needs.

Our field operations teams are strategically located across the country and operate 24/7 throughout the year, ready to respond to anything affecting a plant’s performance. We provide real-time reporting to asset owners and dispatch specialized O&M crews to respond to equipment maintenance if needed.

BGUE’s O&M teams are exclusively focused on the operation, maintenance and performance of utility and commercial solar facilities. Our highly-skilled solar technicians and monitoring analysts work together to make sure everything runs smoothly. At the same time, we are constantly pursuing opportunities to improve efficiencies and plant energy production.