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Solar asset owners entrust more Mega Watts (MWs) of PV power plants to the BGUE Group companies than to any other company with global presence in UK, Middle East, and India. With the experience of group entities managing over 500MW of solar assets in the UK and over 9 GW of high transmission power maintenance in India, BGUE offers a full spectrum of services designed to fit a plant owner’s sourcing strategy, infrastructure, and level of expertise in the solar industry.


Identifying potential problems before the occur directly impacts energy production and drives increased profitability. Leveraging our extensive knowledge base, BGUE has developed in-house performance engineering service modules to promote early detection and resolution of subtle technical issues before they have a meaningful impact on the plant’s output. Using advanced, technologies, rigorous processes, experienced team, and unique data monitoring techniques, we continuously evaluate and fine-tune every PV plant component to maximize performance.

Our O&M Team

Our O&M team oversees our entire portfolio, monitors systems for alarms, and ensures all preventative maintenance is performed correctly and on a timely basis. We dispatch field technicians, as required, and remotely control our systems when possible. We pull data from our data monitoring platform to analyze and diagnose the system while also providing feedback to field technicians during their troubleshooting. Throughout our history of monitoring, operating, and maintaining solar projects, we have developed a series of best practices which we follow in order to ensure optimal system performance and customer satisfaction.